Cucumber Watermelon Yogurt Soup

A cold yogurt soup is so light and refreshing in the summer months. This chilled soup is made with cucumber and watermelon and is light, refreshing and nutritious!

We are all familiar with the classic cold yogurt and cucumber soup flavoured with dill. Well, here is a version which includes another summer classic – watermelon! This should literally takes seconds to prepare and the end result …. A light, fresh and delicious summer soup.

2 cups cubed (seedless) watermelon
4 cucumbers peeled and sliced thickly
3 cups yogurt
3 tbsp. chopped mint leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup olive oil

1. In a blender, blend the cucumber, watermelon yogurt, salt and pepper.

2. Okay, that's it! You're done. Almost...

3. Well, you need to chill the soup until serving time. Serve in soup bowls. Sprinkle a bit of olive oil over each serving and scatter the minced mint over the top.

4. Serve

Did you know……
-Watermelon is a good source of vitamins C and A and has a high concentration of beta-carotene.
-Watermelon is also a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of vitamin B1, potassium and magnesium.
-Watermelon has NO cholesterol and NO fat.
-1 cup of watermelon contains 48 calories.
-Watermelon is 90% water.
-Cucumbers is a good source of vitamins C & A potassium, folate, fiber and magnesium.
-Cucumbers have a digestive aid and have a cleansing effect on the colin.

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Did you know that…
Soups are easy to make and are terrific first courses for dieters. Vegetable-based broths fill you up without being high in calories or fat.

Did you know that…
Miso-fermented soybean paste-adds flavour to stocks, especially vegetarian broths. Add a tablespoon or so per quart of water, or to taste. Marmite can also add great flavour.

Did you know that…
Homemade vegetable broths can be kept in the freezer in individual serving sized portions to be used as a base for a quick meal.

Did you know that…
Cooking spray is a great way to cut back on calories without harming the flavour. If vegetables start to stick to the pan, add a tablespoon or so of water, wine or broth to keep them from burning.

Did you know that…
If you heat your spices for a minute or so over medium heat before adding them to your recipe it will enhance the flavour. Add dried herbs at the beginning of the cooking time, and fresh herbs right before serving.

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