Deliciously Easy Wine Poached Pear

This is a classically delicious, totally decadent easy dessert recipe for Wine Poached Pears with deep ruby-red wine flavours touched with cinnamon and vanilla.

Wine Poached Pears are beautiful and so very delicious. What a great way to complete a festive meal! Because the pears will simmer in the wine for quite some time, they will absorb the ruby-red of the wine and all the wonderful flavours of the orange peel, cinnamon and vanilla. Serve them up with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and you have got a scrumptiously delectable dessert!

1 pear per person
1 bottle of good quality red wine
1 cup water OR orange juice (use the juice from the orange you are peeling - below)
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod, sliced open OR 2 tsp. vanilla essence
3-5 black pepper corns – sounds crazy but works!
Peel of one orange
1/2 cup brown sugar
OPTIONAL: Whipped cream, Vanilla Ice Cream for serving

1. Peel or cut the orange peel but please try to avoid getting the white (bitter) membrane.

2. Peel thin strips from the pears – the idea is to have stripes on the pears, one stripe with skin, one without etc. all around the pear. (If that doesn't work for you, then peal them completely). Leave the stem intact (for presentation – it looks cool).

3. Place the pears in a pot that is large enough to hold them all.

4. Pour the wine, water 9or orange juice) and sugar. Add the vanilla, orange rind and cinnamon stick and pepper corns over the pears.

5. Bring the flavoured wine with the pears to a boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

6. Now turn the pears over so that the second side is now immersed in the wine.

7. Simmer another 10 minutes. Check the pears – they should be tender - not mushy.

8. Serve at room temperature - one pear per person. Spoon some warm wine-sauce over each pear. Serve up with whipped cream if you like. Or vanilla ice-cream. Garnish with a mint leave and some grated orange rind.

9. This dessert will always impress and will be a highlight of any meal!

Just a note – I once overcooked this and completely ruined it. The wine and sugar form a sweet syrup (which you spoon over the pears). When the syrup is hot, it looks too runny so I continued to cook it down. When the syrup cooled it became one big mass of goo. Totally inedible. So, I suggest you cook per the above directions. If the syrup seems too runny, remove the pears and let the syrup cool a bit. Once the syrup is cooled and you still think it needs thickening, reheat and let it cook down a bit – but not too much! You really don't want to serve up wine-goo with your Wine Poached Pears!

***Phyllis from the United States wrote on my blog and said "I make poached pears every year for Passover. I slice the pears and poach them in sweet kosher wine and add a stick of cinnamon and slices of orange and lemon".

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