Easy White Chocolate Bark

This is another recipe for Chocolate Bark – this time using white chocolate. This is a delicious and luxuriously elegant chocolate treat!

White Chocolate Bark is as simple as Easy Chocolate Nut Bark and Easy Chocolate Fruit Bark but using white chocolate as a base makes this a little special. At the bottom of this recipe, there are directions for Marbled Chocolate Bark as well.

2 cups white chocolate bits
1/2 cup cranberry craisins
1/2 cup chopped almonds

Before we start making the bark, line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper. If you spray the cookie sheet with just a touch of cooking spray the paper will stick and won't slide around.

Okay, the next step is to melt the chocolate. I am a total heretic and actually do this in the microwave. Real chocolatiers will scoff at this. It works for me. But, if you don't want to melt the chocolate in the microwave, place the chocolate bits (chocolate chips) in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water until melted. Or put the bowl in the microwave for a minute or two – watching very, very carefully not to over-zap it, until melted. Stir to ensure there are no lumps

Using a spatula, spread the melted chocolate onto the parchment paper and form it into a rectangle of about 25x25 cm (10x10 in.). Do this quickly so the chocolate does not set before you are satisfied with the smoothness of your chocolate. Now sprinkle the nuts and fruit over the top of the chocolate so that they stick well (you can use your hands to push them in a bit).

Let the bark set for about two hours at room temperature. Using a very sharp knife, cut the White Chocolate Bark into squares or break into bite-size pieces.

I like to tie the pieces together with coloured ribbon and give them as gifts. Chocolate Bark also makes a great hostess gift or holiday stocking stuffer!

Marbled Chocolate Bark is made by using:
1 cup white chocolate bits
1 cup chocolate bits (semisweet, bittersweet or milk chocolate or any combination)
1/2 cup cranberry craisins
1/2 cup chopped almonds
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Use the same method as above, BUT melt each the white chocolate and dark chocolate in separate bowls. Spread the dark chocolate thinly on the parchment paper and then pour the white chocolate over the top. Using the back of a teaspoon, swirl the white chocolate into the dark forming a marbleized pattern. Sprinkle the nuts and/or fruit over the top of the chocolate and let set.

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