Vegetarian Thanksgiving, Vegetarian New Year, Vegetarian Hanukkah

Some more menu ideas for holiday menus whether it be vegetarian Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year or any other festival meal!.

Hanukkah is known for potato pancakes (latkes) and apple sauce. Thanksgiving is known for turkey and stuffing. But we veggies can be creative and innovative with our menus – try some of these recipe ideas – they range from the traditional to inventive!

Good, fresh ingredients, healthy food choices, all mixed together with flavourful herbs and spices, shared with family and friends - well that just makes for a very Happy Holiday! Your friends, family and holiday guests will love your bold choices for healthy and delicious Holiday Recipes whether it be Vegetarian Thanksgiving, Vegetarian Christmas,Vegetarian New Year, Vegetarian Hanukkah or Vegetarian Passover!

Mix and match the recipes, add your own personal twist or your family's favourite spice and just wait and see how everyone, whether veggie or not, will love all the great recipes.

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Menu 1 (Shavuot, Succoth, Hanukkah)
Cold Beet Borscht
Main Course:
Onion Quiche
Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves
Side Dishes:
Jerusalem Kugel Noodle Pudding
Summer Salad Recipe
White Chocolate Bark

Menu 2 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year)
Easy Broccoli Soup
Main Course:
Eggplant Casserole
Quinoa Mushroom Bundles
Side Dishes:
Greek Salad
Mushroom Pate
Ice Cream Flower Pot Dessert

Menu 3
Red Lentil Soup
Main Course:
Mushroom Stroganoff
Side Dishes:
Sprouted Tabouleh Salad
Watermelon Salad
Easy Banana Bread

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