Vegetarian Diet Plan, Complete Protein
Combinations & Great Menu Ideas

Here are some great healthy vegetarian menu ideas which create
complete protein combinations by pairing legumes, grains and dairy together for a complete vegetarian diet plan.

Here are some examples of protein combinations which create a complete protein:
-Legumes with Grains
-Legumes with Nuts
-Legumes with Seeds
-Nuts/Seeds with Legumes
-Grains with Dairy
-Nuts/Seeds with Dairy
-Legumes with Dairy
-Dairy with Nuts/Seeds and Legumes

So, let's get more specific – what would you have to eat to get the most (nutritionally) out of a meal?

I know, right about now you're asking yourself all sorts of questions. Like…..Is this food-combining stuff going to make eating out difficult? Does being vegetarian mean I have to always be aware of what I'm eating? This all sounds so complicated and picky. How am I going to manage it all?

Well, believe it or not, it's not all that hard and most of us combine proteins without actually being aware we're doing it.

Some examples of complete protein combinations -
Grains and Dairy – Pasta with grated cheese or macaroni and cheese (not the packaged stuff)
Legumes and Grains – Rice and Beans
Grains & Dairy - Pizza

But being vegetarian means we have to be aware of our body's nutritional needs. We all love junk food so don't ever feel that if you are being nutritiously conscience then you have to give up all those good snack foods altogether.

Truth is, you'll probably start cutting back on them when you start discovering healthy alternatives. Personally, I like munching on bean sprouts rather than popcorn or chips. I also only buy whole grain bread or crackers so when I want a snack, cucumber dip or hummus dip with whole grain crackers or pita makes a complete protein and a healthy snack (instead of chips or popcorn).

Craving something sweet - have you tried Halva? It's made from sesame seeds - it's fattening but has healthy ingredients and is really, really good! Get the idea? Just look for foods that fit your needs and cravings but that add some nutritional value as well.

So, here are some menu ideas using these protein combinations and recipes from Of course, these are just a few samples, some recommended ideas – you can combine anything together to get your daily proteins.

Please feel free to add your own recipe and menu ideas using the form below:

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Holiday Menu Ideas
Are you looking for Holiday Menu Ideas? You can find Thanksgiving, New Year - any occasion - different and varied menu ideas for the perfect Holiday Meal!

Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 3
Easy Broccoli
Pita Vegetable Salad Grilled Eggplant
& Tahini salad
Nut Onion
Cabbage &
Bulgur Recipe
Tabouleh Salad
Spinach Dip Lemony Greek
Banana Bread Banana Pomegranate
Nuts, Grains,
Grain &
Nuts/Seeds/Grain &

Menu 4
Menu 5
Menu 6
Greek Salad Simple
Tomato Soup
Quinoa Stuffed
Grape Leaves
Penne in Rose
Cream Sauce
Sweet Potato
Summer Salad
Bean & Cauliflower
Lemon Meringue
Chocolate Fruit
Bark with
Ice Cream
Strawberry Banana
Grains & Dairy Grain & Dairy Legumes, Nuts/
Seeds/Grain &

My friend Nicole has a beautiful site for all things Vegan. She has great information and really nice all-vegan recipes. It's worth taking a look at Savvy Vegan.

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