Vegetarian Holiday Meal

I have put together a list of recipes and ideas for a traditional Vegetarian Holiday Meal. There are many traditional foods and customs for the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) - I have metioned but a few on this page with basic explanations and some recipe ideas for a tasty and traditional Holiday Feast.

New Year is celebrated soon before the harvest festival (Succoth – Feast of Tabernacles) and fruits and vegetables are an important part of the holiday meal. It is customary to say a special blessing over a new fruit (something you have not eaten this year – I usually try to buy an exotic / unusual fruit for this custom) – but it is actually preferable that it be a fruit mentioned in the Bible.

Red Wine and Fruit
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As the traditional blessing for the New Year is to wish family and friends a "Sweet Year", honey, sugar and fruits are used in many of the recipes to "sweeten" the start of the year.

Also, Round shapes are often used (the Challa bread is shaped into a round loaf for instance) which is meant to represent the wholeness and continuity from year to year.

Some of the traditional holiday foods for Rosh Hashanah are:
Dates (Sweet fruit and of the seven species)
Figs (Sweet fruit and of the seven species)
Honey (honey, to symbolize a sweet new year)
Apples (dipped in honey and the prayer that G-d "(should) renew us for a good and sweet year" is recited)
Beets (The Aramaic word for beet sounds like the word for "remove" or "depart"; it is eaten with a prayer "that adversaries be removed").
Carrots (symbolize More health, more happiness, more success).
Pomegranate (The pomegranate has a special significance. Some say that its many seeds represent the 613 good deeds (Mitzvot) that a Jew has to perform during the year. Some say that its seeds number 365 and represent the days of the year).

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So… with all of the above in mind, I have come up with the following menus. I hope these ideas inspire you to be creative this Holiday Season. Good Food, Family and Friends make holidays memorable and festive. Enjoy your holiday!

Vegetarian Holiday Meal Recipes:
Menu 1
Sweet Potato Soup
Main Course:
Onion Quiche
Side Dishes:
Beet and Pear Salad
Summer Salad Recipe
Chocolate Fruit Bark
Easy Banana Bread

Menu 2
Basic Vegetable Soup (add matzah balls or noodles to the soup)
A medley of stuffed vegetables as Main Course:
Stuffed Vegetables
Mafrum Stuffed Potatoes
Stuffed Artichoke Hearts
Side Dishes:
Roasted Carrot Recipe
Watermelon Salad
Wine Poached Pears
New Year Honey Cake

Menu 3
Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Main Course:
Sweet Potato Pie
Nut & Onion Pie
Side Dishes:
Broccoli Waldorf Salad Recipe (add a handful of pomegranate seeds to dress up the salad)
Chickpea Salad
Lemon Meringue Pie

For more authentically Jewish soup, salad and main dish recipes check out Karen's Easy Jewish Recipes site

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