vegetarian -cheese (animal rennet)

by Denise

Hi - I'm interested that you say you are 'strictly vegetarian' but your eggplant parmigiana recipe clearly states parmigiano-reggiano in the list of ingredients. This cheese is never vegetarian because it has to be made with animal rennet; I'm also vegetarian and I don't use parmigiano because of this. I'm certainly not criticising you in any way, but I am genuinely interested in your attitude to non-veggie ingredients. Kind regards, Denise

Thank you so much for your comments and I apologise for not answering
you sooner. I am so glad you asked this question - I am sure that others are asking the same thing.

I use only kosher cheese in my cooking. You may know that Kosher does not allow meat and dairy products to be mixed. This is why I use it. I will go into the eggplant parmigiana page and clarify this. Thanks for raising the

As for my personal attitude to non-veggie ingredients, I will not use animal products that are a result of any harm to an animal - meaning I
use only free-range eggs (and as little as possible) and I buy dairy products from humane farms and not from mass-production where the
animals suffer while being milked.

I use no animal or leather products in clothing, furniture or footwear. BTW, if you know of a good site for non-leather but fashionable shoes - I would be most appreciative!

Again, thanks for contacting me - if you have some good veggie or vegan recipes you would like to post on my site I wold love to hear
from you!

Warm regards,

Hi Mimi
I just wish restaurants, food writers and TV cookery shows could get their heads around the rennet issue. You may be interested to read a post on my blog where I had a bit of a rant about the subject - I don't often go into rant mode but this is one subject that really gets me!

By the way, I really like the look of your recipe for African Peanut Stew - it's on my recipes to-do list.

Kind regards

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