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Here are some relevant and interesting links to sites and articles as well as helpful information.

On this page you'll find links to other recipe sites, fun craft sites and lots of other cool stuff.

Every now and then I come upon an interesting article and sometimes readers send articles to me. I have posted some links to some interesting and fun information. If you have other articles you think are suitable, please send me the link and I'll post them on this page.

I have chosen to link to these particular websites because I find the content to be of interest and relevant. All links have been carefully selected and appear on this page with the agreement of the site webmasters.

(If for any reason you find objectionable material within one of these sites, please contact us).

More Great Recipe Sites:

Kids Cooking Activities - Helping kids learn and grow up in the kitchen.

Easy Recipes Online
A collection of high quality free online recipes.

Delicious Comfort Food Recipes for all cooks - Hundreds of soothing, home cooked, comfort food recipes made with common foods & easy to find ingredients. Included are many recipes that have been passed down for generations and are only found here! - Wonderful vegetarian recipes and much more! This site is beautifully built and the recipes are lovely.

Easy Recipe Ideas - This is Dana's lovely site for simple and quick recipes of all kinds.

Quick and Easy Recipe - Check out Reggie's easy recipes for families on the go. No sign-up involved, just enjoy the free recipes. You've got to try their "Cheesecake Factory recipes" page!

Just easy recipes is the place for quick and easy recipes that anyone can do, even those who hate cooking! Check it out - It's is a beautiful site!

Best Ever Easy Recipes - Marjorie's site for easy recipes - as she says - Easy Recipes, because simplicity rocks!. Try her Guacamole - it rocks!

Iyer's collection of vegetarian recipes This site has some interesting Indian Hindu Vegetarian recipes and they proudly support charity. All revenue generted is donated to charity. Check it out!

My buddy Aaron has a terrific page on vegetarian protein sources on his site The Savory Vegetarian.

Articles of Interest:

Vegetarian diet: How to get the best nutrition By Mayo Clinic Staff

More Interesting Links:

Quit Smoking Support and Quit Smoking Comminity. Both of these are great organizations dedicated to helping people who want to quit smoking and to those who want to learn how quitting smoking will help save our environment from toxins and waste.

U.K Vegetarian Society

Pure Natural Deodorant Site

Easy Child Crafts

Kids Sewing Projects. Step by step kids sewing lessons and kids sewing projects.

Picnic Inspiration of every kind including recipes and games.

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips

Addiction Resource 

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) 

Natural Beauty and Eco Friendly Fashion - great site if you are looking for Vegan or Natural products and fashion.

Havivian Farm - Organic Produce - If you live in Israel, this is a great site for organic produce and dairy products.

Healthy Food - Chef Gil Harari - שף גיל הררי - בריאות של אוכל
This is a fabulous site for Hebrew readers. Chef Gil Harari gives advice, tips, important information and great recipes for vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets. בישול טבעי הינו הכנת אוכל צמחוני בריא - טבעוני על בסיס של ירקות, דגנים וקטניות, טופו, כל סוגי האגוזים, עשבי מאכל, פירות יבשים ולמעשה, כל דבר שאין בו חומרים מזיקים והוא לא מעובד.

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