Going Green and Meatless

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

There are a wide selection of the different types of vegetarian and vegan diets along with healthful benefits they offer. Vegetarian diets are gaining in popularity as more people move to healthy eating. The following are the different types of vegetarians:

• Vegans - Do not eat any animal produce at all.
• Semi-vegetarians - These people cut out red meat but still eat white meat and fish.
• Fruitarians - Eat a vegan diet which is limited to ripe fruit of trees and plants.
• Lacto-vegetarians – Eat dairy products but do not eat meat or eggs.
• Lacto-ovo-vegetarians – Eat dairy products and egg but do not eat meat.

A complete vegetarian diet includes the following: whole wheat products, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy or soya products, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

There are several benefits to gain in taking a vegetarian diet, whichever type you fit in and even if at all you do not. Dig on your fried chicken or cheeseburgers or bacon and all things you like. Then on some days, do without beef, chicken, fish and pork. After all, a reasonable idea is highly achievable. Here are some benefits of cooking vegetarian recipes and cutting out meat products:
• Lower risk of blood clots, coronary heart disease and strokes
• Slows signs and effects of aging and lengthens life span
• Protects cells from damage by free radicals that causes cancer
• Strengthens bones
• Low saturated fats and calories for maintained weight
• Maintains good weight

You may not be concerned over animal welfare nor moved by the cruel animal treatment for it to get to your plate; however, vegetarian or not, it is absolutely wise to improve the way you think about food. Do not miss to experiment with meat-free vegetarian recipes and discover for yourself. Less meat means better health. Going green means best.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwelNutrition.com.

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