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My name is Mimi Avishai and Simply-Vegetarian.com is the product of many years of cooking and creating balanced vegetarian meals for my family. I have been vegetarian for most of my life and recently went vegan - so much more challenging - but I feel wonderful with the change. I went through an early stage where I would eat fish but not meat (many, many years ago - what my husband calls "vegequarian") and then veggie for about 25 years and now I am strictly vegan to the point that I will not wear animal products either (shoes, belts etc.). So to some, I may be off my rocker! However, the aforementioned hubbie, Bruce, has been sticking it out with me for close to 4 decades, so crazy or not, I must be doing something right!

I have three amazing sons, all of whom are married to wonderful girls. We have five absolutely gorgeous grandkids who I adore (that's me with one of our youngest, Noa). (You can see a picture of Noa's older brother, Ori, on the "Bulgur Burger Patties" recipe page). Through my recipes you can get to know a little bit about me and my wonderful family.

Bruce was not vegetarian when we met. When we were first married, I remember one day I spent preparing a romantic dinner for us. I used a cook book I had taken from my mom and made "Chicken Kiev" for dinner. The recipe involved a lot of steps and I was a bit squeamish about handling the chicken parts. I served up the meal with the pride and anticipation of a new bride and Bruce ate it politely. But at the end of the meal, he asked me never to cook meat meals for him again. To this day, I don't know if the reason for this request was because he was being sensitive to my squeamishness or if the meal was disastrously awful. At any rate, Bruce slowly stopped eating meat totally although he still likes fish now and then.

So the boys grew up vegequarians – mostly vegetarian food but with some fish once in a while. Today, they are grown and out of the house. One has remained vegetarian, one will eat anything that moves and the third – well I'm not always sure. He is mostly veggie but sometimes he likes to try other stuff too. The one common denominator – they love their Mom's cooking and when they're home to visit, they eat everything and anything I make for them.

I love to cook but mostly I love to experiment. I love to try new flavours, new products, interesting vegetables and exotic fruits. I'll try anything new at the market. I love to entertain as well. And inevitably, someone will ask me "What do you eat if all you cook is vegetarian" as if there are no other food groups aside from meat and potatoes. So I take that as a challenge to prove to them that vegetarian and vegan can be innovative, exciting, tasty and filling. And over the years I have saved, improved and compiled my recipes and now I can share them with you on my Simply-Vegetarian.com site!

One of my greatest thrills is using fresh herbs that I grow in the garden. Truth be told, I hate gardening – that's Bruce's territory – but I love the herb garden and I love going out and picking a bunch of leaves and herbs to use in my recipes. I love the smell of fresh basil and oregano and dill – well, I love them all! Sometimes I'll pick the herbs and then plan a meal around them. Sounds crazy, I know, but I get inspired by the freshness and the aromas.

Try my recipes – I am sure that you will find that they are both simple and tasty. You can let me know what you think by writing me – I'd love to hear from you. Stop by every now and then – this is a work in progress and I will always be adding new recipes I come up with.

Enjoy the recipes, enjoy good food – and remember, meal time should be family time, so enjoy your family too!

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Welcome to Simply-Vegetarian.com where you'll find simple, nutritious and delicious meatless recipes.

Mimi Avishai

I'm Mimi (that's me on the Nile River!) and this is my recipe collection. I love to be creative, love to cook and love to entertain. I'm also veggie which means that all of the above gets a bit more complicated – and a lot more fun!

On simply-vegetarian.com I share some of my family's favourite recipes, from soups and starters to holiday main dishes and desserts as well as some really good tips and suggestions for healthy eating!

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