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I am excited to share my simple vegetarian recipes with you.
Simple and Scrumptious -that's the way I like it!

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At you'll find simple, nutritious and delicious meatless recipes.

For those out there who contend that "vegetarian", "healthy" and "delicious" can't be linked together in the same sentence, I am here to challenge that!

Over the years, I've compiled a cache of recipes with both vegan and veggie elements.

I have been strictly vegetarian since teenage-hood (and am now vegan) but I also love to eat good food, which has compelled me to be very creative when cooking for my family and friends. If you want to read more about me and my family go to the About Me link.

Sometimes, preparing a healthy, hearty yet delicious veggie meal can be challenging. Trying to complement the proteins and ensuring the meal is balanced without stacking up the calorie intake can take much consideration and energy. I know. I raised my three boys veggie and it is a challenge. Which is why I want to share my recipes with you.

I welcome you to and invite you to stroll through the different sections and try out my simple vegetarian recipes. Take a look at the "Complete Proteins" section which explains complementary proteins (I had originally wanted to name it "Veggie 101" - because it is basic information on vegetarian eating). Read why Grains and Legumes are so essential to good nutrition in the "Vegetarian Nutrition" section. The "Proteins & Nutrients" page has a lot of valuable information for veggies and vegans - it is definately worthwhile reading.

And try out my recipes. I think you'll enjoy them!

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Check out the FAQ page and see what people are asking in regard to vegetarian nutrition. Maybe you have an answer that would benefit us all.

Share your own recipes with our readers. It's easy and fun!

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Welcome to where you'll find simple, nutritious and delicious meatless recipes.

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On I share some of my family's favourite recipes, from soups and starters to holiday main dishes and desserts as well as some really good tips and suggestions for healthy eating!

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